Merrill Edge
Inside the Ticker
Video Production and motion graphics for a weekly MSN Money series that analyzes different companies in the market and headlining the news.
Graphic Design
Expanded company brand with graphics and 3D rendered products in large banners for display in trade-shows.
Webinar Teaser
Motion graphics using Cisco brand assets to invite viewers and potential customers to discuss their new connected partner ecosystem.
Chucks Auto Repair
Web Design
New logo and other branding including a new website for a North Seattle Auto Repair shop.
Digital Control
Marketing Videos
3D Animation and video production for marketing and training videos used online and at trade-shows.
Smart Part
Motion Graphics and video production on a pilot episode for potential new series on the MSN Now channel.
MSN Money
Killer Companies
Video Production and motion graphics on a web series looking at headline companies in the market today.
John Gera
Demo Reel
Video editing on a reel to feature some of my 3D animation, visual effects, motion graphics, and post production work.


I have 20 years of experience in a wide range of visual related work. So whether it’s video production, 3D animation, print or web design you can count on me to deliver what you’re looking for.

My work ethic has always been strong, but it also helps to love what I do. Whenever necessary I will work any time of the day or night for you. Working on multiple projects simultaneously never fazes me.

I’m located in the Seattle area, but that doesn’t affect my ability to take on work from other locations. No matter the distance, I make it a point to work with your schedule and always meet or beat deadlines.

I listen to your needs and help guide the creative process. I pull from my years of experience to consult, inform, and design what I think works. But ultimately, I let you be the boss, this is your investment after all.